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Surface RT 64GB Usable Space

Quick post to answer a question in the comments section of my Surface review.

I ordered the 64GB Surface bundle and while you can probably Google around for numbers around the usable space, here is what my Surface looks like on November 13, some 18 days after getting it on October 26.

Windows Explorer reports 30.5GB free of 54.1GB, so 23.6GB is used.







Drilling down into C: and looking at folder sizes, you see that my Files folder, where I put all my media, documents, basically anything that I want to back up in one shot, consumes 11.4GB of the 23.6GB, leaving 12.2GB to account for.
















The Users profile directory takes up 1.44GB, leaving 10.76GB to account for.
















The OS (C:\Windows) takes up 6.25GB, now leaving us with 4.51GB to account for.

Finally, the remaining folders reveal a little under 1GB used, which means about 3.5GB is used for system files and swap (unhiding system files reveals the 2.2GB swap file).
















So there you have it. A 64GB Surface, after installing all updates and the final version of Office 2013, leaves you with 41.9GB for data (30.5GB free + my 11.4GB of data). You can also see in the first screenshot that I’ve elected to augment my storage with a 64GB micro-SD card. Between that and the 1TB WD Passport I keep around in my backpack, I’ll run out of battery before I’m done watching all the media I carry around with me.


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